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Paramicha’s definition: Gypsy fairy tales, told for the skill of the storyteller.


With Paramicha you can create your own bohemian style Boots and Sandals by mixing up your favorite add-on pieces and accessories!


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leather strap gold sparkle


leather boots strap gold sparkle

These look so cute around your base boots or with an add-on piece. Change to look
of your boots in an instant with these real leather handmade straps.
Why not wrap them twice around your wrist and wear them as a bracelet? There are no rules!

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* Handmade in Portugal

* High quality metal pieces

* Lengthening chain so you can adapt to fit around the base boot and around an add-on piece.

* Limited edition (about 10 Pairs per design available)

* A lot of the trims used in these bohemian straps are findings from vintage markets and old stock sales.


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