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Paramicha’s definition: Gypsy fairy tales, told for the skill of the storyteller.


With Paramicha you can create your own bohemian style Boots and Sandals by mixing up your favorite add-on pieces and accessories!


>—>>> Tell your own story <<<—<

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About Us

Paramicha's definition

“Gypsy fairy tales, told for the skill of the storyteller.”

We want you to tell your own story, create your own gypsy fairytale!

Gerdingerstraat 11A, 3960 Bree, BE

+32 494 87 17 41


Vat: BE0503.819.879

Paramicha is a young Belgian Based brand, founded and designed by Katrien Hertogs. 

“I wanted to design a comfortable boot that I could wear every day, without wearing the same boot every day!”

We have designed a classic and timeless western inspired boot and sandal, they are customizable by using all the interchangeable add-on pieces and accessories. You can easily add and remove them to style your shoe for any occasion.

Keeping in mind durability and comfort, we selected quality leathers and materials with respect for the environment and of course the people we work with. That is why we have chosen to only work with european suppliers for our production of the Boots and Add-on Pieces. This way we have control over the quality of the shoes, and we can guarantee good work ethics, wich is very important to us!

Most of the Accessories are Produced by Paramicha’s Creater Katrien Hertogs herself, She carefully picks out the materials and puts them together in her small workroom in Belgium, this way she can create limited editions to ensure you that your own creation is unique and one of a kind!

Be your own designer, Go crazy with the accessories, and create your own unique shoe that suits your mood, style and occasion!

There are no rules!