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Paramicha’s definition: Gypsy fairy tales, told for the skill of the storyteller.


With Paramicha you can create your own bohemian style Boots and Sandals by mixing up your favorite add-on pieces and accessories!


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blogpost why not start my own brand

Heyhey, I hope everybody had a lovely easter weekend despite the horrific events in Brussels last week 🙁

My boyfriend and I just got back from Lisbon, a surprise weekend for my B-day. Wow do I love that city! We left 2 days before the bombing at Brussels airport, so getting back was not that easy as all the flights got cancelled. We tried to make the best of it and spend 3 extra days in this beautiful city. Enough time for me to figure out how I’m going to tell my boss that I would like to quit working there to pursue my own passion.

I figured out what I’m going to do to get my business growing. I’m starting up my own brand! This has always been a big dream, but I used to think that it was out of my reach, mostly for financial reasons and a good portion of selfdoubt, or maybe the timing just never was right until now.
In the past this dream was mainly to start a brand in clothing, but because of my new found love for designing shoes, and because I’m so into this collection I’m making at school, I decided to put this collection into production.

There is one big problem tho… I didn’t know how hard it was to find a manufacturer in Italy or Portugal. Wow, I’ve been spending days behind my computer, googling and emailing. I had contact with some agents and manufacturers, but not one that I have a good feeling with. So I’ll have to do some more research to be able to find the right people to work with! So I’ll get back to you all when I get some more news about this issue…

Have a nice day!

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